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Celebrate Life With Flowers

The Challenge of "In Lieu of Flowers"

The phrase, "In lieu of flowers" is commonly misunderstood. It does NOT mean, "Do NOT send flowers!" Rather it gives mourners additional options to offer condolences. Instead, try these phrases, which honor the request for charitable giving:

  • Memorial contributions may be made to ________________.
  • We encourage _______________ contributions in his/her honor.
  • Remembrances are gratefully accepted at ______________.
  • His/her favorite cause, _________________, is accepting donations.
  • ______________ is his/her choice for memorial contributions.

Importance of Flowers

Flowers can express powerful emotions and are critical to helping mourners through the grieving process. Flowers from friends, colleagues, and the community are visual, personal, and public representations of your support.

Flowers can help:

  • Acknowledge a person's death
  • Comfort the family
  • Make a person feel supported
  • Show the family that you care
  • Tell the family, "You matter!"